VAKO GmbH & Co. KG arbeitet seit 1993 auf der Basis eines zertifizierten QM-Systems nach
DIN EN ISO 9001 / EN 29001.


We manufacture up to a diameter of 4,500 mm, a piece length of 45,000 mm and a piece weight of 100 t. Vessels and pipes suitable for gases, liquids, vapors and vacuum.

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Since summer 2014 we offer corrosion protection and surface preparation of your parts. Our team has a high level of expertise and can react very flexibly and dynamically to your wishes. In addition to the derusting of metallic and non-metallic parts in our free blasting house, a separate painting area is available.

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VAKO GmbH & Co. KG stands for 100% quality and professional manufacturing. Each individual component is subject to extensive non-destructive testing and with ongoing samples of the factory-internal as well as external individual acceptance, among others, of the following acceptance / testing companies such as TÜV, Lloyds, SGS, Ingenieurbüro F. Braun, etc.

Customer inspections or tests by commissioned inspection companies are carried out by our professional project management team during production as required.

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