Surface technology

Since the year 2014, we offer for the protection of your products surface treatments and paint applications in our facilities with a ground area of 1.000 m².

Prime coatings and full coating systems

(e.g. heat-resistant up to a temperature of 600 °C)

Inside- and outside coatings acc. to DIN EN ISO 12944

(Possibility of high solid protection coatings)

Coatings suitable for drinking water

Coatings/Applications with a high corrosive protection category

(C4, C5, C5M)

Drying of Vessels with Nitrogen by the use of a fixed Nitrogen station at VAKO.

(Humidity reduction of a final closed pressure vessel)

sandblasting cabine

In our closed free-working sandblasting cabine with 21 m length x 7 m width x 6 m height your metallic and non-metallic components will be protected against corrosion by:

Grit blasting

acc. to DIN EN ISO 12944 in quality levels SA 2, SA 2,5 and SA 3

Blasting with ferrit-free materials

Blasting with glass beads


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