Hydrogen Storage Vessels for metal processing
Hydrogen Storage Vessels for refueling forklifting trucks
Hydrogen Storage Vessels for electrolysers up to 500 bar
Hydrogen Storage Vessels for Filling Stations, e.g. cars, buses, trucks
Hydrogen Storage Vessels for Filling Stations, e.g. cars, buses, trucks
Hydrogen Storage for static power-supply and uninterrupted power supply, up to 500 bar
Hydrogen Storage Vessels for industrial applications, up to 500 bar
Hydrogen Storage Vessels for Logistics Centers, up to 500 bar
Hydrogen Storage Vessels for food industry, up to 500 bar
Storage vessels up to 500 bar

Manufacturer`s Competence:

For more than 40 years VAKO manufactures pressure vessels for hydrogen storage. You will find hundreds of VAKO-Hydrogen-Storage Vessels for different purposes in the Fields of industry, storage at airports, storage for special and individual projects as well as for Filling Stations.

Hydrogen Experience

Besides the VAKO-Standard-Products for hydrogen storage, VAKO offers special concepts for the storage of your hydrogen in various sizes, contents and different pressures (up to about 350 bar) for vertical or horizontal operation.
We manufacture vessels up to a diameter of 4.500 mm, and a piece-length up to 45.000 mm.

Safety & Service.

We are on your side: From the start of the first idea of your project to a conception, project-related individual advices, design and construction up to manufacturing and delivery of your individual hydrogen storage tank. Especially the VAKO-Re-Testing-Concept with big advantages for the final operating company of the hydrogen storage vessels are precious, helpfull and unique.

Expect more.

This deep knowledge in hydrogen storage, in respect to manufacturing as well as experienced market-service was founded e.g. in the tank refurbishment for hydrogen storage vessels since decades togehter with various and individual projects, customers and institutions. Based on the excellent VAKO-network activities since years, as well as the membership at the „Industriegaseverband Berlin“ with active participation in different hydrogen-groups, we can offer you a deep detailed knowledge together with our hydrogen-experiences for decades for your hydrogen storage.


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