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        VAKO GmbH & Co. KG
        Industriestr. 5   
        D-57223 Kreuztal
        Phone    +49(0)2732-5950-0
        Telefax  +49(0)2732-5950-55
        e-mail     info@vako.net









  The VAKO GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1969 as a manufacturer
  of pressure and vacuum vessels and employs
  at the production site in Kreuztal approximately 50 employees.

  Our Product range includes:

  - Hydrogen Vessels
  - Pressure Vessels
  - Vacuum Vessels
  - Reactors
  - Filter Vessels
  - Columns
  - Var. Apparatus and Steel Constructions

  The particular strength of  VAKO GmbH & Co. KG is
  in the range of welding in compliance with
  highest quality demands and covering sophisticated
  manufacturing tolerances.

  The long experience and the comprehensive know-how of the company
  in the application of national and international regulations serves customers
  direcly from the beginning of projects .
  We support our customers in any questions , design construction , calculation and
  weldable construction solutions of their goods.


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